Science is increasingly reliant on software to facilitate discovery, but often innovative software is developed by scientists who are not experts in software engineering. Caltech recognizes that the pace of scientific discovery can be accelerated through the development of robust, well-engineered software. The Schmidt Academy aims to transform the culture of Caltech by bringing best practices in software engineering directly into the research groups around campus. The software development is led by experienced software engineers (Schmidt Academy Instructors) who are leading and training Schmidt Academy Scholars. The scholars are recent graduates in computer science and related fields who have decided to defer jobs in industry and hone their skills in software engineering best practices. The Scholars are embedded into research groups around campus for up to two years, and provide a unique training opportunity for recent undergraduates with strong software engineering interests. The academy is transforming software engineering practice around campus while enabling research groups to pursue new scientific and technological advances that would not be feasible otherwise. Find out how you can become involved with the Schmidt Academy as either a Scholar or having your project become a Schmidt Academy project. The Schmidt Academy also invites select members of Caltech research groups to participate in a software engineering boot camp.