Proposing a project to the Schmidt Academy

The Academy makes an annual call for proposals to host Schmidt Scholars in Caltech research centers or faculty research groups. The Schmidt Scholars, recent Caltech graduates with interest and experience in software engineering, are hosted in the research groups for 1-2 years. The one to two-page proposals describe a software engineering project aimed at developing software that will accelerate scientific and technological progress. Software projects that have the potential for lasting impact beyond a faculty research group are encouraged. Proposals will need to name a graduate student or post-doctoral scholar who will work with the Scholar in developing the software. The student/post-doc will be invited to attend the yearly software engineering bootcamp. Faculty will need to commit to providing a third of the Scholar’s salary and benefits. Proposals will next be due Dec. 15, 2021.

Become a Schmidt Scholar

Applications are now opening for Schmidt Scholars in Software Engineering starting in the summer of 2022. Find out more here.